MCPNG Full Membership



PNGIPA-registered Mainstream Media companies whose daily operations include the sourcing, compilation, and publishing or broadcasting of news, information, and entertainment for public consumption. These are daily and weekly newspaper publications, television news broadcasters, national radio service providers, and online news services.


  • Exclusive Representation on the 'Council' of the MCPNG via a Nominated Representative and Alternate Representative.
  • Full Voting rights in MCPNG Executive Board Elections
  • Top Tier Preference for all MCPNG Training, Skills Building and Networking Events
  • Discounts on Participation Registration Fees for MCPNG Training and Networking Events
  • First Preference and Premier Placements for Promotional Advertising at all MCPNG Event Locations
  • MCPNG Accreditation of all company personnel for access to national and public events recognizing the MCPNG as the Accredited body for all Media Practitioners in PNG.
  • Having a recognized and respected voice in all engagements with National Government Agencies on Policy and legislation affecting the PNG Media Industry.

Fit this category and not yet a member? Register with the MCPNG and gain access to participation spots on all our media training, stakeholder engagements, and Networking events and workshops.

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