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MCPNG Membership Categories

Media professionals, Journalism Students, Content Creators, and anyone involved in the production of news, information and/or entertainment for public consumption; and who would like to benefit from MCPNG's Training, Capacity Building and Networking Events as an individual media practitioner or content creator.

PNGIPA-registered Businesses who have constant interaction with the Media Industry; who support the work of Independent and Free Media; and who want to be involved in Media Advocacy, Media Training & Skills Development, and Media Networking Events via their Public Relations Units.

PNGIPA-registered Companies, Civil Society Organizations, Media Training Institutions, Journalists/Media Associations and Professional Groups with an interest in the media space, or the conduct of the Media Industry. This category also includes Media Units and Public Relations Divisions in both the public and corporate sector.

PNGIPA-registered Mainstream Media companies whose daily operations include the sourcing, compilation, and publishing or broadcasting of news, information, and entertainment for public consumption. These are daily and weekly newspaper publications, television news broadcasters, national radio service providers, and online news services.