MCPNG Associate Membership (Active)



PNGIPA-registered Companies, Civil Society Organizations, Media Training Institutions, Journalists/Media Associations and Professional Groups with an interest in the media space, or the conduct of the Media Industry. This category also includes Media Units and Public Relations Divisions in both the public and corporate sector. 


  • Observer Representation on the 'Council' of the MCPNG via a Nominated Representative and/or Alternate Representative.
  • Nominal Voting rights in MCPNG Executive Board Elections
  • Representation on MCPNG Committees based on Professional Qualifications, Skill sets and Experience.
  • Second Tier Preference on all MCPNG Training, Skills Building and Networking Events
  • Supporter Preference for Promotional Advertising at all MCPNG Events based on level of contribution.

Interested? Send an email to  to find out more on how to register.