Council AGM re-elects core executive to continue reforms


THE Media Council of Papua New Guinea (MCPNG) has re-elected its current core Executive Management team to another term in office, and to represent the mainstream media in PNG.

At the Council's Annual General Meeting today in Port Moresby, MCPNG members re-elected Mr. Neville Choi as President; Mr. Gregory Moses as Vice President; Ms. Belinda Kora as Secretary; and Ms. Genesis Ketan of PNGFM as Treasurer.

The election of the MCPNG executives reflects the confidence the Council's mainstream media membership has in them to carry on the reform work at the Council, which began toward the end of last year.

Today's AGM also confirmed the official installation of the Media Council Complaints Tribunal which will preside over any complaints made against the mainstream media membership of the MCPNG, failing an amicable resolution of the complaint, or an agreed to retraction or correction by the parties involved.

The Complaints Tribunal comprises MCPNG President Neville Choi as Chair, Post Courier Editor-In-Chief Matthew Vari, and Acting Chief News Editor for NBC, Ms. Waliegai Olewale.

The newly endorsed executive will continue the reform program of the Media Council, the rebuilding of its secretarial and financial processes and functions, and a review of its Constitution, and the MCPNG General Industry Code of Ethics.

President Neville Choi, on behalf of the executives, acknowledged the confidence the industry has shown through the re-election of the previous executive to continue their work.

"The media is currently in a state of change and development. There has been a collective drive to rebuild the Media Council to be able to meet these current and future challenges facing free and independent media. The media in PNG remains independent and robust, and my re-election as President and the re-election of my fellow executives reflects the confidence the MCPNG Members have in the work the Executive has been doing, and is committed to supporting the MCPNG as the official voice of the media in Papua New Guinea. These are challenging, but exciting times for the media in PNG, and the region. The Council is now on a stronger footing to see through to finality, its reform and rebuilding agenda," Mr. Choi said.

This work will continue with the reconstituting of the council through a review and updating of its Association Constitution. This will then lead to discussion on membership, working with journalism training institutions to review journalism training, and improving media advocacy in the country.

The reform agenda of the Council has seen the return of its signature Public Discussion and Information Platform, the PNG National Press Club, the Council's media networking schedule of events, and the return of the PNG Media Awards of Excellence.