TIPNG hosts second training workshop to strengthen anti-corruption reporting


PNG JOURNALISTS' skills in anti-corruption reporting have been enhanced through training on the use of more effective anti-corruption reporting tools and resources.

Under a European Union supported Anti Corruption Initiative, Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG) in partnership with the Media Council of Papua New Guinea (MCPNG) facilitated a second workshop aimed at improving anti-corruption reporting in the media.

Acknowledging that corruption is prevalent in both the public, and private and corporate sector, more than 20 journalists from mainstream media newsrooms met on Saturday, October 7th at the Loloata Island Beach Resort to learn about new ways of identifying corrupt practices in government and business, and the connections that provide the foundation of instances like corporate corruption and the misuse of public authority and funds.

The MCPNG values the continuing partnership with TIPNG in developing strong investigative journalism skills and capacity in the media.

TIPNG provided valuable insights into digital and online tools and resources journalists could use more effectively to do vital background checks of addresses, individuals, companies, and even small businesses.

The workshop also presented an opportunity for the MCPNG to provide an update on its work and collaborations with media newsroom managements, the Media Development Initiative, and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in rebuilding the Council to be more representative and effective in its role.

The journalists who attended the workshop were also encouraged to use the tools in their work, and to develop their investigative reporting skills.

This series of anti-corruption reporting workshops are part of TIPNG and MCPNG's partnership on an Investigative Journalism Awards initiative as a vehicle to encourage more investigative reportage in the country.