Women In Media movement gaining momentum


THE MCPNG's Women In Media movement is gaining momentum with MCPNG Secretary and Project Lead, Belinda Kora and a team from the Media Development Initiative, meeting with women journalists in Madang and Port Moresby to provide more information on the initiative.

The initiative, which was launched with discussions with women journalists and media workers in lae, Morobe province in May, is in its information collection phase, where Ms. Kora and Joys Eggins of the MDI, are meeting with women media workers in the provinces, and listening to the challenges they face.

While the role of provincial-based journalists and media workers is already made difficult by the fact that they are further away from their head offices in Port Moresby, having women media workers in provincial news bureaus is increasingly more challenging.

Having met and engaged with women media personnel in Lae, Madang and most recently, Port Moresby, Council Secretary, Ms. Kora said there is a clear need for a Women In Media desk to provide support for women journalists operating all over the country.

"There are challenges that our women journalists face in the provinces which are amplified by limited resources, capacity, and strong cultural norms which see our women colleagues victimised for practicing what they were trained to do," Ms. Kora said.

"We in the media are always reporting on issues of gender-based violence and sexual harrasment, both in the home, and in the office. But it is rarely that we in the media acknowledge that our women media workers are also facing the same disempowering issues."

Media Council President, Neville Choi, when speaking at the Council's first Media Networking Event recently, said the Women In Media initiative is a way to provide the support to women media professionals, in all areas of their work life.

He said Media Organisations and Employers should support their women workers by investing and committing to supporting this initative as a means to ensuring their welfare and wellbeing.

"When we see women colleagues in a violent relationship, we expect them to leave those causing them harm, and to report the abuse. But it is difficult. With this Women In Media initiative, hopefully we can create a pathway that women media workers can use to seek help and safety when they need it most," Mr. Choi said.

The MCPNG, in partnership with MDI, will be continuing to meet with women journalists and media personnel in other regions to register their support.